URGENT!! Legislative Contact Needed TODAY!!


MNHIMA is reaching out to you to share an URGENT LEGISLATION ISSUE!!  Please contact your legislators and the Committee members listed below immediately!  If you do not know who represents you, use this link to find out:  LCC-GIS (mn.gov)

Reach out to the legislators to let them know that you DO NOT SUPPORT the proposed amendments and explain your concerns.  Again, this communication needs to be completed as soon as possible. The bill is moving through the legislator very rapidly, as it has been brushed off as not being a big deal by the lawmakers.

Senate Leadership

Senate HHS Members

Senate Finance Committee Members

(Several members have a form that you need to fill out from the website at: Minnesota Senate)

House Leadership

House Health Finance and Policy Members

House Ways and Means Committee Members

Copy Fee letter template: Download the Word document.

Please reach out if you have any questions to Sue Nathe, Executive Director at executivedirector@mnhima.org.

Thank you!
MNHIMA Advocacy Committee