NEW Registration Process: MNHIMA Strategies for Success Roundtable Series – Part 2

As an organization, MNHIMA recognizes this past year has brought unprecedented change and challenges to our members, and whether you are a student, new graduate, displaced worker, or are re-entering the workforce, our new Strategies for Success Roundtable Series is here to assist you!  Our goal is for attendees to come away with a renewed sense of confidence as they search for employment.   

Part 2, Leveraging LinkedIn: How HIM professionals can expand skills, network, job search and become a thought leader using the world’s largest business social network, is scheduled for TuesdayMarch 23rd, at 12:00pm.  Our presenter is Brad Justus, Vice President of Client Development for himagine solutions.  


We have updated our registration process from our previous Roundtables.  To join this exciting and FREE event, please click here!  

Upon completion of registration, you will receive a confirmation email, along with the option to add the event to your individual calendar.  

Presentation Description:

The COVID-19 pandemic has permanently changed the jobs landscape, so understanding what “comes next” is top of mind for employers and job seekers alike as the labor market begins to recover.  Join Brad Justus, HIM LinkedIn expert from himagine solutions for actionable advice on how to position yourself and maximize your opportunities leveraging the LinkedIn platform that now boasts over 740 million members.


Brad Justus

Brad Justus is the Vice President of Client Development himagine solutions, the largest provider of HIM outsourced professionals in the United States.  Brad is the Most Connected Man in HIM.  With over 30,000 Linkedin Connections, 17,000 Twitter Followers and 5,000 Facebook connections, he has learned the power of social media in HIM.  Brad is a passionate evangelist for bringing the entire HIM population into the online conversation.

CE: 1.0

Organizational Management & Leadership