AHIMA Credentials

Enhance your career with AHIMA Credentials

Certified Coding Associate (CCA) This credential demonstrates your tested knowledge as a beginning step. Fresh from studying HIM in school or just starting to practice basic coding? The CCA vaidates competence of coding fundamentals in new graduates and those new to the coding profession. The CCA balances out your limited job experience with tested knowledge, opening doors to new employment opportunities and positioning yourself for advancement over non-credentialed individuals. Completing a qualified training program (such as the Coding Basics online program) or on-the-job training provides immediate marketability. AHIMA exam preparation resources are available at AHIMA Certification.

Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) and Certified Coding Specialist-Physician-based(CCS-P) Demonstrate your coding expertise with one of these credentials, which signify coding mastery and announce your advanced coding and analysis skills in classifyig medical data from patient records. These credentials are valued in hospitals, physician offices or clinics, group practices or specialty centers. These individuals possess expertise in the ICD-9-CM and CPT coding systems, as well as HCPCS Level II coding systems. In addition, they’re knowledgeable in medical terminology, disease processes, and pharmacology, as well as in documentation, data integrity and quality. Professionals experienced in coding inpatient and outpatient records should consider obtaining this credential. CCS and CCS-P credentialed coders are trusted and knowledgeable professionals sought out for their expertise. AHIMA’s exam preparation resources are located at AHIMA Certification

Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA) RHIAs are accomplished generalists possessing a wide span of knowledge and can readily fit into multiple healthcare industry settings. RHIAs manage patient health information and medical records, administer computer information systems, collect and analyze patient data, and use classification systems and medical terminologies. They possess comprehensive knowledge of medical, administrative, ethical and legal requirements and standards related to healthcare delivery and the privacy of protected patient information. They often manage people and operational units, participate in administrative committees, and prepare budgets. One of the initial RHIA eligibility requirements is a degree from a CAHIIM-accredited program. AHIMA’s exam preparation resources are located at AHIMA Certification

Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT) Professionals holding the RHIT credential are health information technicians who ensure the quality of medical records by verifying their completeness, accuracy, and proper entry into computer systems. They may also use computer applications to assemble and analyzing patient data for the purpose of improving patient care or controlling costs. RHITs often specialize in coding diagnoses and procedures in patient records for reimbursement and research. With experience, the RHIT credential holds solid potential for advancement to management positions, especially when combined with a bachelor’s degree. One of the initial RHIT eligibility requirements is a degree from a CAHIIM-accredited program. Find AHIMA exam prep materials at AHIMA Certification

Certified in Healthcare Privacy and Security (CHPS) The CHPS credential is the only combined privacy and security certification available in the healthcare industry. CHPS denotes competence in designing, implementing, and administering comprehensive privacy and security protection programs in all types of healthcare organizations. Becoming certified in healthcare privacy and security demonstrates a choice to focus and advance by specializing in privacy and security dimensions of HIM. Being distiniguished with this special expertise signifies a commitment to advancing privacy and security management practices and lifelong learning and professional development. Exam prep materials are available at AHIMA Certification

Certified Health Data Analyst (CHDA) With ARRA’s emphasis on electronic health records, the healthcare field is growing increasingly data-driven, making health data anlysts more valuable than ever. CHDAs possess the knowledge to acquire, manage, analyze, interpret, and transform healthcare data into accurate, consistent and timely information, balancing the “big picture” strategic vision with day-to-day details. CHDAs exhibit broad organizational knowledge and the ability to communicate with individuals and groups at multiple levels, both internal and external. Find exam preparation materials at AHIMA Certification

Certified Documentation Improvement Practitioner (CDIP) This is AHIMA’s newest certification. The certification will distinguish those professionals serving as clinical documentation specialists as knowledgeable and competent to provide guidance relative to clinical documentation in the patient’s health record. Individuals who become AHIMA-certified in clinical documentation improvement will help provide a strong base of expertise in the industry. This certification will assure the competency of individuals who capture the documentation necessary to fully communicate the patient’s health status and conditions. As technology changes the way documentation is captured through the use of EHRs, AHIMA is leading the effort to ensure it is still clear, concise, and compliant. For more information, click here.

How many CEUs do you need with AHIMA credentials? For more complete information, review AHIMA’s Recertification Guide. Here’s a quick list of examples for your information only and remember, this list DOES NOT include the required ICD-10 continuing education for all AHIMA credential holders:

Single Credential:

CCA, CCS, CCS-P: 10 CEUs plus 2 mandatory annual coding self reviews (self assessment)
RHIA: 30
RHIT: 20
CHDA: 30
CHPS: 30
CDIP: 30
CHP: 30 (this credential is no longer offered)
CHS: 30 (this credential is no longer offered)

Multiple Credentials:

CCS & CCS-P: 20 (10+10)
RHIA & CCS & CCS-P: 50 (30+10+10)
RHIA & CHPS: 40 (30+10)
RHIA & CHDA: 40 (30+10)
RHIT & CCS & CCS-P: 40 (20+10+10)